Reinventing financial services

« Once you discover the world is not the way it is, that you can change it, influence it, you will never be the same again. » Steve Jobs

About Swanest

Swanest empowers private investors and forward-looking wealth managers with automated investment technology to make intelligent investing simple.

Our VisionWe believe that financial services need to be reinvented for the better. Traditional investment services are complex, impersonal and are often reserved to an elite. However, managing money is essential to live a fulfilled life. Thereby, it is not about maximising consumption, but rather about using the system in your favor to set you financially free. A modern investor might live on a shoestring but travels the world to explore the hidden wonders of our planet. In his pocket he has got an application that allows him to create the necessary income from his hard earned savings. It might be not much, but it made him free. Your lifestyle is your choice. We make sure you control the money and not the money you.

Our ValuesTo put you at the top of your money, we craft digital solutions that help you managing savings and investments. Thereby, we uphold certain values.

Simplicity.In all we do, we want to keep it simple. No unnecessary jargon, no confusing documentations and no complex fees.

Intelligence.Forget number crunching, Excel files and financial theories. We use technology to bring all of that into your pocket by the push of a button.

Independence.We are independent from financial products and service providers to keep the liberty to focus on only one thing, you.

Silvan Schumacher
Chief Executive Officer

Silvan focuses on the business side of things and makes sure to transport the vision of the company to the public.

Nicolas Bindels
Chief Business & Product Officer

Businesses and products builder, Nicolas dedicates his time to the business and product's strategy and look and feel.

Cyril Lequeux
Chief Research Officer

Cyril loves the world of numbers and brings knowledge in algorithmics, quantitative finance and software development to the team.

Youri Tolstoy
Chief Technology Officer

Youri is passionate about system engineering and ensures that all our services run smoothly and that data is managed securely.