Hybrid wealth management technology

Rocket above the competition

Swanest is a digital wealth management application on the mission to empower investors and advisors. We believe in the best of technology and human advice and strive to make intelligent investing simple and accessible!

A complete solution based on single modules

Module 1

Digital onboarding

Engage your clients with a seamless onboarding experience. New clients can identify themselves, assess their financial objectives and evaluate their risk profile from the comfort of their sofa. The next time you meet, you will have the formalities out of the way so you can focus on the real work.

Module 2

Investment simulation and planning

Interactively simulate customised investment propositions and illustrate how to reach financial objectives. Your clients may access the simulator through our wealth portal themselves or together with you in a face to face meeting.

Module 3

Automated investment management

Stop paying layers of fees for fund of fund products. Together, we build low-cost model portfolios that you may customise and execute through your preferred wrap-platform. Our algorithm will monitor and dynamically rebalance the portfolio to keep its risk in line with the profile of your client.

Module 4

Wealth portal and app

Enable your clients to follow and interact with their investments from their laptop or smartphone. Use automated reporting to remove paperwork and strengthen the relationship through enhanced digital communication channels.

Module 5

Execution-only investments

Impress existing clients and attract young investors with an easy-to-use execution-only service that enables self-directed investing with portions of your client’s wealth.

The benefits

Empower your business

Raise efficiency

Automating time-consuming aspects of your processes and compliances liberates you to focus on what matters most, your clients.

Sell more

Digital solutions allow you to serve an untapped market in an efficient way and to respond to the needs of the next-generation of investors.

Increase retention

By offering the services modern investors expect you ensure that your clients will find more value in your services than those of your competitors.


Easy integration, fully customisable and API enabled

Swanest easily integrates into your website, third-party services and CRM. You may use our APIs to enable your own investment platform.

White label

Your own brand

Our white label solutions adapt to your brand, your customers, and your language. Swanest is designed to seamlessly integrate into your environment.


Grow your own portfolios

Swanest and its algorithms are built to empower your own investment portfolios consisting of any stocks, ETFs and mutual funds. The execution and custody will stay with your preferred wrap-platform.


Continuous innovation

Stay ahead of the game, we are continuously improving our application so that you can focus on the things that matter to you.


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