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Interactively present your proposals.

Interactively explain your investment proposals to help your prospects to easily understand your advice. You can upload your very own portfolios and change between alternatives easily. We support a large universe of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETFs listed around the globe.

Create your interactive proposal

Plan and simulate together with your prospects.

Simulate financial objectives together with your prospect to find the right investment plan. Help to understand return scenarios and demonstrate the impact of risk on your prospect’s financial future.

Assure your prospects

Provide insights with just a few clicks.

Easily present to your prospects in which countries and industries their capital could make an impact. Access financial data on an instrument level and pull up fact sheets, KIIDs and other documents when needed.

Provide clear insights

They trust us

Swanest allowed us to bring our digital capabilities up to speed within no time.

James CliffordRise Capital

Our clients appreciate the transparency Swanest provides around our advice.

Sean SolenSolen & Partners

I use the Swanest tools especially with younger clients, who enjoy interacting with it!

Robin SchmidtFortuna Invest

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Easily set-up a digital proposal so you can shine in front of your clients already tomorrow.

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